Tuesday, 26 October 2010


As the days go by, the word that increasingly, and most readily, falls from my lips, as smooth and effortless as cutting through butter with a hot knife, is "idiot". Now I'd say that I'm a pretty reasonable individual. But you better hold on tight to me and heed my every word because reason seems to be dying out rapidly in our species. And when I say rapidly, I mean that in all of the strangers that I have come to acquaint myself with recently, a shocking few have been reasonable. And the rest? Idiots.

OK, let me clarify this title, for I feel I must assure you that I'm not using the word lightly. Consider this. In my humble opinion, lets say you, a stranger, and me, thepensivebuddha, are at a crossing for example, waiting for the green man to signify that we can cross the road safely. If you, the stranger, look at the button that you need to press if you actually want to the lights to change, see that it hasn’t been pressed, then look elsewhere, like the sky for example, then you are an idiot. Fair, no?

Another example. Let's say you, a stranger, are an employee at some company where your sole role is interface with customers and direct their queries. If you, the stranger, have not one single useful piece of advice, or can not string together one coherent and informative sentence, then you are an idiot. Fairer still, I'd say.

Final example. Let's say you, a stranger, have only just met me in a lecture room for example. If you proceed to tell me about the contents of your urine, then call an innocent woman, who is simply going about her business "so fat" to her face, then push and prod her stomach, then you are a bona fide idiot. (True story by the way).

So please faithful readers, do your best to avoid idiocy - it is the plague of the 21st century, and do not doubt its virility!

And to lighten the mood of this mega rant: THIS SONG makes me smile.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


I love it when I come across wonderful quotes, especially ones about sex appeal. So here goes, some great words from my Action Man.

"You can't be attracted to your own sexy. Otherwise, you'd be a self molester or something".

Wise words indeed.