Monday, 22 November 2010


Thought I’d share a funny thing I witnessed. I literally saw an obese woman turn her head – knee jerk reaction, speed of light style, at the sound of a bottle of fizzy pop opening.

True stories, and scary world.

By the by, I could've gone DEEP with the image (just ask GOOGLE), but I decided an element of anonymity would be the most decent thing...


So, owing to my ever increasing contact with the world of business and industry, something yet newer is being revealed to me. Examples are always good: take this lady that I have come into acquaintance with. She speaks, and excuse my French here, as though she is as common as fuck and confesses to having little in the way of formal education. Moreover, I noticed that she seems to be unable to correctly say the word ‘specific’ (even when reading it aloud directly) and reverts to saying ‘pacific’ instead. She simply refuses to correctly say ‘written’ where relevant instead of ‘wrote’. And she refers to most words consisting of about 6 letters or more as posh.

Now call me finicky, but these few examples out of the many discrepancies that I noticed, don’t seem as though they should add up to the traits displayed, while actually at work I might add, of a professional. And by professional I mean someone who is employed at a fairly high position in their chosen field, while I am left to wallow in the sea of application forms and covering letters and general apathy from recruiters – actual definition.

So I am led to the conclusion that through probably about 30 years of graft and experience, she has earned her due along with her current position of employment, which indeed is commendable. And so it turns out that all the people who, in my youth, promised me that securing a degree was the only way to make it big, were filthy dirty liars. Thanks guys. Thanks ever so much. Though saying that, I think I’d much rather risk drowning right where I am than set aside any number of decades to make it to where I want to be. Amen.