Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Humans as a race, I think, are naturally attracted to beautiful things. It’s an intrinsic part of what it is that we are. The sweetest and most nutrient fortified foods are bright, enticingly coloured gems, evolving to use us as walking fertilisers. New born babies have evolved to be as numbingly damn cute as possible, making it physically impossible to not take care of them and generally keep them alive. We will always gaze for longer at a flower in bloom than at a dying thorn bush.

And this is not a bad thing. It’s the way that the human mind has developed to navigate the world and pursue the things that will be of most value and benefit. Today, however, this has a slightly different everyday application. What it means today is that the fashion industry is among the most profitable industries in operation. This means that an artist can justifiably sell a piece of work for millions of his or her chosen units of currency. This means that if you happen to have shining green eyes, or a dazzling smile, or a perfectly formed body, having people stare at you constantly and generally try to be a part of your life will be amongst the most common occurrences that you’ll encounter.

So this leads me to wonder how we might take this natural tendency and relate it to enriching the general quality of our lives. I think perhaps the happiest person is he who can see beauty in the most varied and frequent places. For how better might a human life be enjoyed than by constantly encountering delights and articles to treat the senses?

So the recipe for happiness? Look harder, I think. Happiness awaits you, if only you can find beauty in as many of her different guises as possible.