Sunday, 20 June 2010


Yep, so I've finally jumped on this blogging train. I've held off for so long because there seems to be an implicit assumption by bloggers that people will generally care about what they have to say. Now that's fair if you're actually half-way interesting. (Note to self - be sure to be interesting). But the humble, retiring side of me was just apprehensive enough to stop me from booking that ticket. Plus, I couldn't think of a good enough title - VITAL, in my opinion! For it's the little things that make a product pop. (Love it when a nice quip just drops into the mix all natural like. NB. DEFINITION OF 'QUIP': 'an odd or fantastic action or thing'. Ha! B-e-aUtiful!)

So, I'm throwing caution to the wind, and anything else close at hand too, as I embark on a whole new era in my life. I'm calling it "the slow, gruesome death of my youth", but you can refer to it as the end of Uni and beyond if you want. Your choice - call it as you sees it. Terrible circumstances have always been good creative fuel for me, so you're in for a treat world!

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  1. Your Blog reminds me of a book... Please print so I can take it on my travels!!!
    #THATISALL lol