Tuesday, 16 August 2011


So I've noticed that my last few blogs have been 1) a long time ago, and also 2) a bit lengthy! So I'll ease back into things...

So I've started an internship with Schön! magazine (it's sick, check it out) as a journalist/copywriter. Very exciting. Now, the office is in London's W1, and coming into work everyday is one long list of funny observations about the London that seems to have developed around me, and of course, it's inhabitants. Here's a few to start with:

Yes, it's official. The case is dismissed. The judge has gone home. Chivalry is long dead and gone.

The majority of normal people that you might happen upon on the street simply will not return a smile if you smile at them. Just won't happen. Nothing can be done. It's out of our hands. In fact, out of a dozen people (yes I did some field research) two people returned my smile. TWO! One was a liberal looking lady wearing a gorgeous pair of patent, heeled Doc Martens. The second was a kindly looking older gentleman, who incidentally walked back passed me mesmerized by the Daily Mail's page 3 spread. Yep.

Gorgeous, tall, Brazilian-looking men with green eyes and a cashmere jumper to match (green is my favourite colour by the way readers) will have an equally gorgeous and tall blonde woman attached to his hand. Blonde - specifically! This is simply a fact of life.

So this is what I have observed dear readers. I look forward to reporting my further stalker-isms.

Much love from your friendly neighborhood PensiveBuddha, who has indeed returned back to the neighborhood.

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