Thursday, 17 November 2011


Ok, so the pensivebuddha has fully fallen off, as our good friend Drake might say. ‘Where have you been?!’ I hear you scream. In short, chillin’, stealin’, drinkin’ a Bud. In long, working and generally keeping up the hustle that is real life.

Yep, real life. It’s a bitch. Been working hard, interning, i.e., working for free and brandishing a badge that says ‘Peasant. Treat me as such’, apparently. But it’s paid off because I’m currently working in exchange for monetary gain! ‘Result!’ I hear you cry. Indeed! I’m working for Thomas Cook as a content writer, so it really is onwards and upwards.

And in those same spirits, I’ve decided I really wanna pick up this blog thing. So you’re in for a treat faithful readers: more frequent posts, letting you know what’s generally popping in a buddha’s world. I know, I’m excited too.

Watch this space.

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