Tuesday, 24 August 2010


For all of you who are currently on a voyage of striving for absolute perfection, you are on a fool’s errand. For perfection, as is commonly imagined, is just that - an imagining of the human mind. It is an immaterial thing that resides in the clouds and sands of our minds. Not a thing made of atoms or concrete or human flesh.

In fact, friends, as I have held since I first began pondering the concept of perfection, the most 'perfect' thing can only be imperfect, because we can only deal with the things of this realm. Consider these: The perfect sandwich, delicious in all ways possible, will all too soon be fully consumed and forever gone. The perfect home will only remain as such as long as the ideal family resides within it and can not grant you immortality, so as to forever enjoy and love it. The perfect man will, in time, change and grow as any person should, shifting the perfection of your relationship to some new uneven and unexpected plane.

So following this logic, beauty itself must be imperfect. For imperfection is all there is. The best that there is to offer is imperfect, by necessity of existing in this world.

So, friends. Keep all things in proportion. If someone professes to be better than you, remember we are all writhing in the same pit of imperfection, desperately trying to leap and jump and build towers of Babel to reach that heaven, that Shangri-La, that Perfection.

(Oddly, inspired by Juno - the movie and a glass (or 3) of wine. This combo, quite 'perfectly', brings forth the pensive buddha in me.)

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