Thursday, 5 August 2010


Ok, so Wallpaper* is an on and offline publication that reports on design, interiors, fashion, art and lifestyle, and is generally pretty nifty. I caught onto it when I learned of the creator - a gentleman named Tyler Brûlé who is basically a modern day Midas. The magazine is hailed as an 'iconic global style guide', and to be fair, I wouldn't argue with that.

And now I officially love the magazine because it's reported a story that's made me pretty exited. So I spent a month living in Seoul, South Korea, and fell in love with the city as I'm sure most visitors would. The article describes that the city is undergoing a design orgy, where the apartment block-dominated landscape will be reinvented into a "magnetic urban metropolis".

I've been fervently suggesting to anyone that will listen that they should visit Seoul, and now there is even more reason to see the ancient city reinvent itself as the new World Design Capital 2010.

Check out the article and check out the city, city, city! (Three seperate links, all good sights to learn a lil about Seoul - couldn't think of a better way to get them all in!)

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