Wednesday, 4 August 2010


So I found a picture of myself, when I looked about 3 years old. I’m stood in the garden with two of my sisters, both of them equally incomprehensibly young. Of course the first thing I could proclaim when I saw it was “I can’t believe I was so young!!” And it seems that I meant this proclamation, whole-heartedly. Oh how the years of life have hardened me! Making this untainted, innocent time of my life seem only like a solitary and unattainable moment that a camera captured, rather than a scene from my very own life.

When I was small I was truly innocent. I fully expected that I’d be someone of import, that I’d do something that was in some way moving. Though the half imagined expectations of a child raised to believe that I was not to be considered as anything remotely similar to common, I suppose it’s not too late to take up this implicit pact that I made with the world.

So in the words of… lots of people before me I expect! ‘Watch this space’.

(I mean this literally – if I do something ground breaking, I’m more than likely to blog all about it, pictures and all.)

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