Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Now if you were to ask someone wise and weathered how to sort out your life, or how to start taking charge of things, they’d most likely tell you to start by taking a long, hard look at yourself. But, in good ol’ pensivebuddha style, I’m gonna have to disagree with this course of action. And not just for the sake of it disagreeing, but because there is merit in alternative methods.

I think that there is hidden power and undoubted value in the humble glimpse.

Me? I literally just caught a glimpse of myself, which prompted a genuine heart flutter, and the hint of a knowing smile to play about my lips. In just a glimpse, I realised that I am in a place - a situation, in my life, that I once never could have pictured. I scarcely believed that I’d make it here. That I’d make it to being this capable, confident creature, that doesn’t twitch at a challenge and who makes sure that each next step is a step up.

In just a glimpse, I got a pretty detailed summary of the look of things. Where I am, compared to where I used to be (poor and destitute), with a hint of where I am yet to make it (rich and smug and laughing at all the plebs). Whereas, a long hard look would have probably just resulted in me noticing all the blemishes on my face and that I’d rather be in bed with my newly delivered copy of Northern Lights.

A glimpse assured me that things are going OK. Because sometimes, I think, a glimpse is all that you need.

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