Thursday, 1 December 2011


I think New Years is a bit of a hype, as the youngens might say. I hate the idea of saving up all of the things that you want in life, love and prosperity, and putting them in that ‘resolutions basket’. If you want it, work for it now, is what I’d suggest to the masses.

So in the spirit of trumping 31st December/1st January, I decided to reflect on the past year, today! Take that fireworks and balloons and champagne. Wait, I enjoy the champagne aspect of New Years. I take that last one back.

Now, this time last year, I was a withered shell of the shiny and illustrious pensivebuddha that you see today. I was sublimely poor, horribly disheartened with the prospect of any future career, and generally drudging through the trenches of a genuine low point of my 22 years. I can’t impress how very hard those times were - #badtimes was me. And just look at me now! Since then, I’ve got a 6 month adventure around the world, personal growth, and a good job with valuable industry experience under my belt. And that’s to name but a few things that line my waist – yea, I know, ‘under my belt’ is a strange turn of phrase.

So instead of making resolutions, I’ll simply decide to continue to improve the quality of my life. Let’s all join in! No need to count it down.

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