Tuesday, 27 December 2011


So on the last day of work before Christmas, I was granted freedom at 2.30pm, so my work peoples and I obviously went straight to the local pub. And what fun was had! You see, I love getting to know a person beyond the up-front description that they are assigned: work colleague, lecturer, post-man, neighbour, priest... I love filling in the blanks that reside behind the mask and script that we play day-to-day.

And the great topic we stumbled upon was the wonderfully child-like ‘when I grow up, I want to be...’. Now, I remind you that this was my work colleagues, so you can safely assume that all who were involved already had a good, secure and profitable career. But there’s always the plan B. Always the dream that some part of us continues to hold on to.

If you won the lottery, what ‘career’ would you then devote your time to? If you didn’t need to worry about bills and rent and f-ing Oyster cards, what would your business card say? But then again, we only get the one chance at this whole ‘Life’ thing. No second chance, no plan B. So maybe we ought to give it a shot now, eh? Maybe the pains and strife might be worth it for some ounce of true satisfaction. Just maybe. May as well give it a go, right?  ‘You only get one shot...’ after all. And yes, I’m quoting JLS. Sue me.

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