Wednesday, 7 December 2011


My dear readers, your friendly pensivebuddha is an onion. Or at least like an onion. Now, the Shrek fans amongst you will understand that I am alluding to the fact that I have many layers. And one of them concerns some type of spirituality.

Like everything that I concern myself with, I like to be well informed. So in this spirit, I’ve set myself the task of reading the bible (New Testament) from cover to cover. Now find a handkerchief and wipe away the sweat on your brow. Luckily, I found the copy that I was given when I was in primary school (St Francis RC primary school - when Peckham was a lil’ more reasonable.) It was obviously handed out to us as young children because it had simplified English, for our young and feeble brains to understand. Perfect for this pursuit!

Now, rather than feeling spiritually nourished from this reading, I feel vaguely wretched (to use a bit of bible-speak). Is that what’s supposed to happen? Is it like an ointment, where you don’t see the effect till a few days after you start using it? (Note to extremists: please don't attack me for likening the bible to ointment - merely a metaphor.) Well. It’s curious. I feel as though even if the whole ‘God thing’ turns out to be false, then I won’t really be losing anything from trying to be a better person while I grace the earth with my presence. And if it is all kosher, then perhaps I will be rewarded for my efforts, or at least learn some grand truth. So it seems like a win-win to this humble pensivebuddha.

I’ll read on and relay any crazy action scenes or car chases if I come across any. You never know – I’m sure they call it the Good Book for a reason.

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